On this page you’ll find link to reviews by readers and media. I  love reader reviews because it’s the impact of the book on the reader I most want to hear about – good or bad. Do please send me your review, whatever you feel about the book – it’s as valuable to know what’s wrong in the book as it is what’s right.

Mary Estes

Mary Estes, who moved to Romania from the USA a week after Dragons over London was launched, was immediately captured by George and his dragon. Here’s what she said: “Delightful characters within a captivating story. This book taught me bits of history while taking me on a magical ride with a dragon and his cheeky friend. A whimsical story for children and adults alike. I know I will read it again while I hope and beg for a sequel.”

Mary & Weasley
Weasley was so disgusted by this point that Mary couldn’t keep him still

Mary was reading the book to Weasley, a handsome ginger cat she was looking after, but Weasley (like Oscar) was horrified by the number of MICE taking a leading role in the book. And when they got to the part where the kitchen cat was mentioned, that was IT. Weasley wouldn’t stand for any more, which is why the camera shook as Weasley took off. Tsk. These cats are so over-sensitive.

Sair & bookshelfSarah Grant, English teacher and British expat in Bucuresti: “Dragons Over London brings home the values of loyalty, courage and openmindedness through a whirlwind of magic, suspense and adventure. Whether you’re a tiny mouse or a huge dragon, acceptance and truth are the crux to overcoming bigotry, discrimination and prejudice to build strength and resilience in the face of adversity…”  read the whole review here