Facts & stuff

Dragons Over London is based on a LOT of true facts, with a few twists, a bit of speculation, and a few things I’ve just made up. You’ll have to guess or work out what’s true and what I’ve invented, but in these pages you’ll find some of the true facts.

You’ll find enough stuff to fill a dozen school assignments (by the way, how many’s a dozen?), and from time to time I’ll add a bit more, plus some questions about what’s here. Your English teacher will like it, your History teacher will like it, your Geography teacher will like it…

The Tower of London

Tower of London photos

Fires, plagues and phenomena

How to count in Roman (Latin, really)

Secret scenes – Here you’ll find scenes and snippets that are not in the book. (I’ll add to the scenes whenever I have time…) Extras that will tell you more about Xiaolong’s life in London, or the British dragons, or historic events that I couldn’t include in the book. Let me know what you think of them!

Speak English like an English speaker – These little bits of nonsense were devised for my classes at the village school in Romania. I’m not trained to teach English as a foreign language, so concentrating on good pronounciation was the main thing. 0ne of the main difficulties with English, for Romanian speakers (Romanian is a phonetic language where every letter is pronounced and always in the same way), is the wild chaos of its pronounciation rules. These little exercises don’t make much logical sense, but they should help fix some of the stranger irregularities in students’ heads.