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kids at launch

You’re Romanian, you’re over 10 years old, and you’re learning English. Or you may be an English teacher looking for a bilingual book for your Romanian students. Or you may be an expat parent, who wants to help your kids learn Romanian.

What you want is a book with an exciting, funny story, heroes you will love and villains you can hate, and it’s written in English and Romanian, so you can easily see how the words translate.

Dragoni pe cerul Londrei has been written specially for you by an English author, Arabella McIntyre-Brown, who lives in Judet Brasov, up in the mountains. She knows London very well, having lived there for eleven years. She first went to the Tower of London when she was eight years old. She has met several mice, many cats, but – sadly – no dragons. Yet.

If you’re an English teacher at a Romanian school, and would like to arrange a reading and a book signing with Arabella, get in touch with her here, or contact Booklet Fiction.


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