Dragons at the London Book Fair!

London book fair logo How exciting! The Romanian Cultural Institute in London has invited Xiaolong, George mouse and author Arabella to join them at the London Book Fair for the opening day of the Fair. Floss the lost puppy is invited too, since he now lives in London (and is a real dog!).

1493367447ni_pe_cerul_Londrei_C1_3DWe’ll all be there on 10th April, and I’ll post details of when and where you can find us, as soon as I know.

Save the date….


Published by

Arabella McIntyre-Brown

I'm a writer from West Sussex is southern England, but after 30 years of urban life in London and Liverpool, I now live in a remote village 1,000 metres up in the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania. My new book is published in November 2016: "Din Liverpool in Carpati: cum mi-am gasit fericirea în inima Transilvaniei"

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